Welcome to Topple Chess!

This is, at its core, a game of Chess. There's just one important difference: a piece must be chosen to be removed from the bossard (sacrificed) every few turns. The higher the material value, the more turns there are between sacrifices.

Simple, right?

How to Play

  • Move pieces by dragging them the desired spot
  • Sacrifice pieces by right clicking or long pressing on them (without dragging)
  • The colored buttons on the left toggle certain aspects of the game:
    • Hints - marks on the board showing possible moves, recent moves, etc.
    • Images - turn off to use chess symbols instead of images
    • Sacrifice Mode - turn off to play normal chess
  • [Online Only] The "game code" is a string of letters, numbers, etc. that is entered by both players to connect and compete.

Ways to Play


  • Play with a friend on the same computer
  • All features are enabled
  • Little chance of problems caused by online mode


  • Play with anyone over the internet
  • Some features restricted to the host player, or the first person to join the game
  • Slight chance for problems to arise due to the nature of the internet (latency, disconnecting, etc.)

Online Mode Options

Waiting for an opponent...

Be sure to tell them to enter "{game_code}"

{winner_color} wins by {win_condition}

What to do next